Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Single Dumbbell

Bowflex Select Tech 1090 Dumbbells – Editor’s Choice – Highest Recommendation If you’re looking to get yourself in shape at home, dumbbells are among the best for resistance training as dumbbells help stablize the core and smaller muscles – for real world strength and performance, they’re hard to beat. We love the SelectTech’s because… [Continue Reading]

Yoga Isn’t Just For New Agers Anymore

Yoga is one of the alternatives to traditional, repetitive-motion based exercise systems becoming increasingly popular. It bears similarities to both Pilates and Tai Chi, both of which are also experiencing increased interest.


The Truth About Muscle Building Supplements

Far too many people seem to believe there is a magic formula out there that will provide them with the results they want…they just have to find it.


How To Buy Running Shoes

If you plan to start running on a regular basis, you’ll need a good pair of running shoes – we cover the basic on this running shoe buying guide.


How To Lose Weight Running

Running for health leaves one feeling fit and having more energy than a crash diet would. With proper food intake and running you can lose weight and maintain your ideal weight with as little as three times a week of running.


Weight Training Tips For Everyone

There really is no reason to exercise without a weight training regimen and, in numerous cases, you are making it harder for you to reach whatever goal you have by avoiding it.


How To Get Six-Pack Abs

Representing the pinnacle of physical fitness and muscularity in men, there’s actually no wonder that most men profess to want six-pack abs. Yet, despite this widespread want, very few men actually succeed in reaching this goal.